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— Family Member
You’re so weird.
— Supportive Boyfriend
I’m confused as to why this exists.
— Best Friend

An Introduction:

Let’s be honest, you clicked on this because of the title and let me tell you I am not here to disappoint. As a child I was gross, weird, and I firmly believed that inanimate objects had feelings. As a result of this belief, I started collecting Band-Aids not to use, but to keep (if I used them I would have to throw them away and that would hurt their feelings). My family would go camping a lot when I was young which, naturally, resulted in me getting many ‘boo-boos’ and ‘ouchies.’ When I was 4, I got hurt on a trip and was forced to use one of my precious collectables to stop the blood that was dripping down my leg. I was more upset about using the Band-Aid then I was about the scrape so my sister came up with the idea of keeping a Band-Aid Journal. The purpose of the journal was to preserve the Band-Aids that I had hoarded for so long and to document my travels through stories of bloody mishaps. I continued to make entries in the journal for a few years, but as I got older, and got hurt less, I stopped documenting my injuries.

Why bring it back? I decided to start making entries in the journal again for two reasons. 1) My Band-Aid collection is actually super cool and some of them date back to the early 1990s. 2) Adults don’t get hurt that often so when they do, there’s usually a good story behind it.


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